Assistant Trainer – Aqaba ( Limited Contract )

Participate in preparing the training material including but not limited to: presentations, worksheets, tasks, exercises, projects, etc.
Follow-up and support trainee’s work on projects and assessment by providing guidance, resources, conflict resolution advice, and constant motivation.
Use the provided platform to update trainees progress, tasks, exercises, progress, assessments and evaluation.
Issue and keep report & record and track of trainees’ attendance and progress in addition to necessary notes.
Assess trainees according to the principles of active pedagogy on a weekly basis and deliver oral and written feedback and assessment, and to prepare and do project technical evaluation for each project through the roadmap.
Bridge between the team leader and trainees to facilitate the course being rolled out smoothly.
Develop and maintain positive respectful relationships with trainees and all involved people in the academy.
Participate in the pedagogical meetings between’s International Pedagogical Manager and the Orange Jordan training team.
Issue a pedagogical report on the training and the cohort based on input from the team leader.
Improve and train your technical, instructional, and personal skills to ensure delivering the best training.
Stay updated with all technologies updates and to be open to all new tech resources for future use and implementation.


Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related IT major.
Proven experience building web applications / Websites.
2+ years of hands-on experience working, writing codes, and building full web applications.
Excellent experience and knowledge with fullstack technologies such as not limited to: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, ES5, ES6, JSON, Ajax, JQuery, Bootstrap, ReactJS (or Angular), WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, APIs.
Experience using GIT/GITHUB, CLI, Terminal and implementing SEO.
Familiarity in AWS, production, deployment is important.
Good Knowledge in converting web designs into HTML, CSS and Javascript web page.
Good knowledge in building components-based web applications using ReactJS or Angular.
Experience in developing web application backend using PHP, Laravel.
Experience in MySQL Database, creating tables, relations, create, edit, delete, drop, primary and foreign keys, etc.
Good Knowledge in using, modifying, and creating APIs.
Soft and Communication skills are a MUST.
Strong knowledge in SDLC for creating a project from scratch and apply all competencies to it.
Good presentation skills.
Skill of teaching, explaining, and turn complex concept into simple terms.
Ability to facilitate group activities, assign tasks, guide, motivate.
Experience and knowledge in UI/UX design.
Experience using design software such as Adobe Photoshop & illustrator.
Experience with Agile Methodology and project management tools such as Jira & Trello.
Very good knowledge of SEO Optimization.
Very good knowledge of version control systems: Git, GitHub.
Intermediate knowledge with Linux/Unix system and commands.
Ability and passion to learn and stay up-to-date with latest technologies trends and development approaches.

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